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Compassion to Uganda

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Basic Info on the Compassion International Trip to Uganda

On February 10, 2008, I will be joining 15 other bloggers on a journey to Uganda with Compassion International. This is a history-making and Internet event of incredible magnitude — a “world first” is one phrase I’ve heard, but I’m taking that to mean “world first” like John 3:16 means. Each of us going is excited, humbled, and passionate about the need and the purpose of the trip.

The bloggers are a wide variety of personalities and writing styles take a look at our varied bunch on the Compassion bloggers page. Some are absolutely hilarious and some are very serious. Taken together, we are into politics, real estate, music, writing, being moms, loving kids, being dads, preaching, teaching, working for non-profits, advocating for the poor, and a whole lot more. Some are part of the blog-squad-Facebook-generation and some of us are a bit more … shall we say, year-worn — folks with fallen arches and sore feet before we even take a step on Ugandan dirt. All of us, however, are passionate to see hundreds of children sponsored as a result of this trip!We are all excited to be given this opportunity to share with you the important role you could play in changing the life and future of a child.

As much as the trip is intriguing and exciting, the real focus is on children … lots of children who need a chance to know Jesus and have the basic essentials of life so they do not lose hope and our world does not lose them. This is the real purpose of the trip. Compassion International is committed to releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Donna and I believe in this mission and have supported a little boy named Starlin in a different part of the world. We had already decided to sponsor a little girl in Africa when Compassion contacted me about going to Uganda. We hope to meet our new little girl, named Doreen, while we are in Uganda. What a great delight! Along with my fellow bloggers, we will be sharing articles, blog reports, and pictures from the trip. I hope you will join us in the journey and I want to especially ask you to be a part of the prayer team for this trip!

Blog Entries in the Uganda / Compassion Category

You can keep track of the Ugandan Compassion adventure by coming back to the list of Uganda blog entries on the Phil files, Uganda Entries. The week of the trip, articles in Heartlight will also be going out daily. We will have other blog feeds and also pictures and video to share with you during the trip and the weeks that follow. Please be a part of the trip and keep us, our effectiveness and safety, and the sponsorship of hundreds of these children in your prayers.

Articles on

Also, as the trip approaches and during the trip itself, the regular articles on Heartlight will focus on this Compassion International effort. Here is a growing list of articles you can find on Heartlight.

  • Real Joy! Real joy is not determined by our circumstances!
  • Majestic! Africa is country rich in natural resources, but don’t overlook the most important one!
  • Snapshot Every once-in-a-while, we get a glimpse of the glory that awaits us.
  • Down the Dusty, Bumpy Road How can a taste of heavy actually be at the end of this road?
  • My Compassion Child Phil gets to go on a home visit to his sponsored child.
  • Twenty-Five While Phil is away, his folks have a twenty-fifth anniversary, but there is much more to this story!
  • We’re Off! The team has taken off and rendezvoused in Chicago and made it to Belgium.
  • Conviction! Two packages in the mail bring Phil to his knees.
  • Pincushion? Nine shots in less than a month? Only the love of children could make this guy do that!

Check Out the Other Bloggers on the Trip for Some Great Reading and Videos!

Here is a list of everyone who’ll be going. Visit their sites. Pray for us. We return on February 18. Well over 20,000 miles round trip. I can’t wait.

David Kuo
Randy Elrod
Chris Elrod
Carlos Whittaker
Heather Whittaker
Sophie “Boomama”
Anne Jackson
Phil Ware
Doug Van Pelt
Shaun Groves

Compassion Staff

Spence Smith Seay


Keely Scott –

Trip Map

Thanks to fellow blog traveler, Anne Jackson, here’s a map of our journey. Picture pages will be added as the trip begin.

Uganda Trip


Please Join the Prayer Team

If you would be willing to pray for us on the trip, we would all appreciate you sharing a blessing prayer on the following prayer comment page. Thanks so much for your spiritual support for this effort to make a difference in the lives of children!

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January 16th, 2008 at 10:07 am

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  1. I send blessings to you and those accompanying you on your trip to help these beautiful innocent children. My children suffer at the hands of another that I and they are powerless to stop. I pray that you can make a difference for these children whom you are visiting. May Jesus Christ be with you on your endeavors.


    10 Dec 08 at 7:34 pm

  2. Dear Phil,
    An amazing contact! A friend in California sent me you tube link for the stethoscope so I watched it. Then I saw in the corner of the screen the Compassion Uganda note. I am a missionary in Uganda working under a Ugandan at an NGO called Dwelling Places, a home for street children and other vulnerable children. We are a transition and rehabilitation home with kids from all over Uganda and Sudan. The other weird connection is that I went to HSU in Abilene my freshman year. So, I wont ramble on but wanted to invite you to our home/ministry if you have time during your trip. Hope we can meet, you’ll love our kids!

    Until every child has a chest to rest his head on!

    Kristen Fry

    Africa Inland Mission
    Dwelling Places, Kampala our kids on you tube, iHope video, 90 seconds

    Kristen Fry

    3 Jan 09 at 9:17 am

  3. I’m raising my hand. I want to help! I’ll serve on your prayer team, or I’ll pray from here in West Texas, where I live. I’ll go and write about it, or I’ll stay here and write about it.

    Just tell me what to do.


    9 Jan 09 at 7:18 pm

  4. helo kristen,its amazing the things God is using you to do for our children here in Uganda and Afica..its only the grace of God that can enable you to look into the eyes of those children and promise them hope and a better life..your amazing…God bless you abundantly…

    kristen fry

    1 Apr 09 at 4:07 am

  5. […] don’t know if you have seen my friend (from Compassion’s Uganda trip) Carlos Whittaker’s unrehearsed homeless partner in the park when he went to shoot a […]

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