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Last Updates on 10.17.2008

Here are the listing of suggested upcoming messages from Colossians, links to the work pages (click the titles below for work pages) and dates they are to run. On those pages you will find an overview and also the CTT elements along with links to the messages in mp3 after they are delivered. (You will find an explanation of the CTT or Core Teaching Thread below the titles for the currently gatherings.)

We will ask the church family to do two things each week in regard to this journey: (1) read through a gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John or a harmony of the gospel — something we’ll off as a reading plan) and (2) read through the letter to the Colossians each week, hopefully using as many different translations as possible. I ask that you do this as well in preparation for our journey.

The Message is remarkably dead on to the meaning of Paul’s words even though it is a paraphrase. I will use it quite frequently and encourage you do that as well, but most of the time the text here will be New American Standard because of it’s literalness and consistency. I won’t use in the preaching, but is a good base.

This is a collaborative journey to share the heart of God’s truth in Colossians. Below, you will find a layout of intended messages that we will share this fall. Each section will have a developing set of inputs: Part of my responsibility to the Shepherds is to develop the CTT (Core Teaching Thread). I will share the “Threads” and “Core” pieces and will make idea suggestions for the other pieces, but will be looking for ideas for key pieces and work these pieces in together:

There is a key thread of the message we want to especially emphasize. Each of our front porch message opportunities (Sunday Worship Assembly, L8 Community Gathering, & Home Gatherings) are committed to at least utilizing 20% of the CTT in their time, with no more than 80% content the same across these events .

Part of my responsibility to the Shepherds as Minister of the Word is to develop the Core Teaching Thread (CTT). The Core section of our preparation will focus on the key biblical orientation and resources. I will provide this for each message.

This would be video, drama, song (worship or iPod worthy), YouTube, blog posts, or other poetic pieces that would be helpful for our consideration. Your suggestions and insights here would be highly appreciated.

How do we bring the CTT to life in our daily grind? We want to ask questions that will help our LIFE groups, each of us as friends, or Home Gathering groups chew on God’s message and listen for the Spirit’s guidance in community, at the Table, and by placing our hearts under the Word.

Do you have any stray ideas, thoughts, concerns, or other things that you feel might be worthy of consideration as we seek God’s will in the CTT each week and how we make that real in our everyday world? Come on, you know you do, so this is the place where you can feel free to ask them.

[BTW, the stuff in brackets in the following prep sessions are my randomness gone wild: I can’t remember any good stuff the next morning, so when I think of something, I jot it down and put it in brackets in my notes to be triggers for other ideas when I look at those notes again. Try it. The Holy Spirit does some cool stuff with that randomness — kinda like “taking every thought captive to Christ,” right?]

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