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Bridges of Grace

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Here’s a fun fact that you verify: there are around 50,000 public bridges in the state of Texas — and that is not counting private bridges. There are over 600,000 public bridges in the United States.

Don’t believe it, take a little trip of about 150 miles and try to count them. Bridges cross culverts and canyons, railroads and rivers, inlets and dry creek beds, dips in the terrain and swamps along the coast, underpasses and undulations. Bridges are everywhere. Yet, bridges are often unnoticed, under-appreciated, and often under-maintained.

Bottom line: Bridges take us from where we are to where we need to go! Thankfully, they are nearly everywhere and nearly always work for us.

What got me thinking about bridges is Samuel. Samuel, like most of our bridges, often goes unnoticed and under-appreciated. He is one of the greatest leaders in the Bible. He bridges the distance from the chaos of the Judges to the glory of King David’s reign. Without him there would have been no King David … and no Jesus!

But Samuel is simply one of many of God’s bridges between his grace and the people who need. Of course Jesus is the greatest bridge between us God — a bridge we celebrate in communion and share in when we confess Christ and are baptized.

But not all of the bridges between God’s grace and people who need it are huge bridges, like Samuel or Jesus. On most of our road trips, we cross very few huge bridges. Yet, without all the small bridges, the road would impassible, or at least much more difficult to travel. That’s where we come into the picture in God’s story. God has called us — you and me — to be bridges, too! There are people all around us that need the Father’s grace. And God is asking us to be that bridge for those people He has placed in our lives who need to experience his grace.

So take a day this week, or least part of the day, and keep track of all the people God brings into you life and realize that — just like all the bridges on all those road trips that you never noticed but know are vital — you are vital to that person’s journey to the grace of God!


We often cross ’em without noticing them.


We become one because we notice the people in our lives and choose to bring God’s grace by what we say, by how we act, and by who we are.

Bridges of grace.

Written by phil

November 4th, 2012 at 7:22 am