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Rocks in My Head

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Our daughter, Megan, was laughing so hard that tears began to roll down her cheeks. The more she read, the louder she cackled.

“What’s so funny?” I asked her.

“I’m reading Rocks in my Dryer,” she said, “it’s absolutely hilarious! Shannon is talking about anti-malarial medicine, marrying a pirate, and Veggietales.”

“Well you’re going to have to read it out loud if it’s that funny,” I suggested. “Only Shannon could get Veggietales, a pirate, and anti-malaria medicine into the same post.”

Megan responded, “Well, it’s actually two blog posts, so let me start with the first one, called Sweet Dreams, so you guys know what is really going on.”

When a group of Internet types met at O’Hair airport in Chicago several weeks ago, I had never met Shannon. I knew several women from church, including my wife, who sometimes read her blog called “Rocks in My Dryer.” Fifteen of us who blogged were headed to Uganda with Compassion International. By some great act of God’s grace, I was included in the trip.

We were definitely an interesting assortment of folks — if you don’t believe me, take a look at us on the Compassion blogging page. Shannon was one of the two we called “momma bloggers” — ladies who were moms and who wrote about their lives, but who also could be incredibly hilarious as well as deeply serious.

Megan went back and read Shannon’s two posts on marrying a pirate with whom she had already had two children and how they had to have a lifeguard for the children during the wedding. However, this wild and crazy post wasn’t the work of some wild imagination, but was instead the crazy dream she had while taking her anti-malaria medicine. Donna and I both laughed as Megan tried to read the story through her uncontrollable laughter.

Donna and I laughed so hard that we cried as Shannon described her anti-malaria medicine dreams. Her post also reminded me that I needed to take my weekly anti-malaria medicine that night. So thanks, Rocksinmydryer, for not only being funny, but also helpful.

That night, I had a hard time sleeping — the medicine can make me feel like I’m falling over backwards and stuck in twilight sleep, not a fun sensation. When I did finally go to sleep, I had wild and crazy dreams. Unlike Shannon’s dreams, mine didn’t seem all that funny when I was having them. When I woke up, they had completely vanished from my memory — not a big surprise to anyone. There was nothing funny about the night except the way my hair looked the next morning. However, when I retrieved my socks from the laundry room that next morning, I did find change in the dryer and I felt like I had rocks in my head.

As for Shannon, three mental images stick with me from the trip. Each of these were captured on film. In one of them, she is reaching out holding the hands of precious little girl in a pink dress. In another, adoring children surround her. In the third one, Shannon is holding a small child close to her. As she looks into this child’s eyes, there is an expression of joy that makes you think she can see all the way into that child’s heart, filling it with love. You see a similar look as she looks at Dissan, the boy her family sponsors with Compassion, at the luncheon where they met. He is wearing that University of Arkansas hat and a big smile and she is the one with the adoring look. (See the video below for these pictures and more.)

Some women are just wired by God to be great mommas. A few of those are given the gift to be momma bloggers. I’ve been blessed to meet two on one trip, and one them has rocks in her dryer!



Written by phil

February 28th, 2008 at 3:28 pm