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Trying to Bottle “CatchUp”

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The first thing I did on returning from Uganda after collecting my baggage, kissing my wife, and hugging my daughter was going to a greasy-spoon hamburger joint. Mmm! That hamburger was good. Grease dripping off the bottom of my chin, good! And of course, the best thing to go with a hamburger is a mound of French fries and a generous glop of ketchup.

I’m not sure who bottled that ketchup, but I can assure you that what I’ve needed this week is some bottled “CatchUp.” Being gone has put me behind, big time. So I’m running around trying to put a little “CatchUp” on everything — email, laundry, office, phone calls, and especially sleep.

But what a great eight days with incredible people. With another day or two of rest, I’d do it again. Those faces, those children, and the great opportunity to help Compassion made the whole thing more than worthwhile — it was an incredible blessing. And then getting to meet our little girl we sponsor with Compassion was unbelievably touching, a memory I will hold forever. (Check out the article on my visit along with the video of that visit on the website and see a little piece of video on the faces of the people we met, especially some of the children, below!) If you haven’t signed up to sponsor a child, it’s not too late!

But right now, I can’t go anywhere because I put Donna on a plane early this morning. Her women’s group is speaking in Birmingham Alabama to the Homewood Church women on friendship. Donna’s group is called The Coffee Group and so it’s my turn to stay at home and hold down the fort.



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February 22nd, 2008 at 2:29 pm

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